Hardwood Floor Finishing

Turn Your Floor From Dull to Dazzling

Rely on Cartrette's Hardwood Flooring for hardwood floor finishing in Lexington & Winston Salem, NC

From stiletto shoes to Fido's nails, your hardwood floors can really take a hit. Instead of putting up with scratches and dents, call Cartrette's Hardwood Flooring for hardwood floor finishing. We'll sand, buff and polish your floors to make them appear brand-new.

Contact our team in Lexington & Winston Salem, NC today for hardwood floor finishing.

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Why you need a wood floor refinishing service

Whether your floors are covered in scratches or just in need of an update, you can benefit from wood floor refinishing service. Discover the benefits below:

  • You'll save money by avoiding a full floor replacement
  • Removing imperfections lowers the chance of injury from falls
  • Buffing out dents and scratches improves your home's value

You invested a lot of money in your hardwood floors. Keep them in excellent condition with wood floor refinishing service. Call now at 336-239-9402 to schedule your appointment in the Lexington & Winston Salem, NC area.